200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Ready to enter a new world that offers spiritual wisdom? Our yoga teacher training in Nepal is an opportunistic deal that opens up new doors towards self-enlightenment and transformation. Engage in this unique practice where healers and empowered individuals take their journey to the next level. Yoga courses in Nepal are in huge demand due to the perfect ambiance created by the tranquil aura of this splendid country. The sound of the birds, the fresh air from the Himalayas, and dense green forests form an alliance with the natural surroundings to make the experience more meaningful.

Under the guidance of skilled and experienced yoga teachers, discover the ancient wisdom in its true originality. Earn your yoga certification in Nepal by being a part of this immersive program where you experience how yoga expands and enriches your life. Our yoga instructor training in Nepal will take you on a wonderful journey where you break the barriers and set yourself free.

About the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

The prestigious 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal is a life-changing experience that is held for 4 weeks. The training comes with international Yoga Alliance Certification which is recognized worldwide as an accreditation to Yoga teachers. Under this yoga teacher training course in Nepal, the ancient teachings of Yoga are practiced in full enthusiasm to give quality knowledge to the aspiring yogis. This program is open for all age-groups of all genders with no eligibility criteria. If you are already practicing Yoga, then you may have an upper edge over the others in your classes.

The 200 hour yoga TTC in Nepal will be a profound learning experience where you will learn in-depth - Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Adjustment and Alignment techniques, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, and other yogic practices. Apart from that, you’ll be guided by our teachers on the usage of props, teaching methodologies, alignment techniques to safely practice the asanas and restorative yoga poses to relax the body and mind. The 200 hour yoga certification in Nepal will open the doors to a new world where you’ll emerge as a confident and empowering being ready to inspire others.

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    Highlights of the Course

    • Re-form your individuality in this transformative course in the Himalayan nation.
    • Accomplish your goals in life by gaining clarity, focus, and a higher perspective.
    • Learn the traditional yogic teachings which were discussed in the Vedas and Upanishads.
    • Detoxify your body and purify your mind in this soul-nourishing program.
    • Become a healthy person mentally, physically, and emotionally.
    • Harmonize and balance your mind, body, and soul to attract peace and joy in your life.


The 200-hour Yoga course in Nepal consists of various activities that give birth to a better version of yourself. You will be kick-starting your day early in the morning with Yoga and Meditation. The Sundays will be focused on the excursion activities as per your choice. So explore the hidden side of Nepal. The daily schedule will be followed strictly whether it’s studying the theory of Yoga, consuming vegetarian food, or performing various yoga asana. In the end, you are the one who will be benefited from the program.

Hatha means ‘force’ and Ashtanga means‘8-limbed’. These two are the classical art forms of Yoga which are the spine of every YTT program. Learn these original teachings which are the basis of becoming an accomplished Yogi.

Vinyasa means the transition from one form to the other, which imbibes the best of both forms. Make your body a medium of authentic change to be self-empowered in the modern world.

Align your body perfectly to fix your body postures by mastering the Adjustment and Alignment techniques. While doing Yoga, it is important to imitate the exact postural form in order to extract maximum benefits from it.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. The wisdom of Yoga has been carried on for centuries with the theoretical understanding of Yoga. Know the real significance of Yoga from the teachings of Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, holy books like Bhagavad Gita, and other related scriptures.

Deep-breathing or Pranayama exercises are highly beneficial to the mind as it filters out the negativities from your brain. Gain focus, a better concentration, and clarity with the energizing and refreshing exercises of Pranayama.

Sadhanas and dhyana sessions are food for the soul of every yogi. Self-consciousness leads to enlightenment, spiritual wisdom, and above all a peaceful state of mind. Allow meditation to revitalize your spirit, and give you a third-eye perspective to finding solutions.

A human body is a mysterious combination of spiritual as well as the practical world. Understand the functioning of the body organs, the actions, reactions, and how it molds your behavior. Don’t let your decisions be affected by outer influences!

Learn how to be a respected Yoga teacher who can benefit the community. Give demonstrations under the sincere guidance of the experienced Yoga teachers.

The outdoor practices of Shat-Kriya cleanse the body by flushing out the accumulated toxins.

Yogic art forms, stances, and postures are a part of Mudra formation. It is the most important technique to use hands and fingers in such formations that it magnetizes the positive effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Nidra or ‘Guided Meditation’ increases focus and concentration to be a balanced yogi.



Harmonize in the serene surroundings of Nepal by engaging in self-practices in the comfortable accommodation of Akshat Yoga School. The rooms are fully-furnished and equipped with the basic facilities like attached washrooms, Wi-Fi, shower facilities, hot and cold water supply and more. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and rejuvenate in the natural environment of our school which promotes self-growth.



Food is prepared using herbs and spices by keeping in mind the goodness of Ayurveda. Vegetarian food is prepared and the meals are served three times a day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner). Fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, herbal teas are provided to encourage detoxification and purification by eliminating the impurities. Live like a yogi by using the universal forces to attract abundance. Breakfast usually includes salads, nuts, sprouts, porridge along with coffee, tea or fresh juices. Lunch consists of Ayurveda thalis featuring rice, lentils, vegetables, chapatti and salads. Dinner is mostly light and includes raw fruits, cooked vegetables and herbal tea. 

Yoga Teachers

Akshat Yoga School has highly experienced Yoga gurus and teachers who use all their learned skills, wisdom and loyalty to transform the lives of other yogis. Allow your gurus to show you a path towards the light, and a higher state of wellbeing. The personal connection with the teachers of Akshat has helped the students even after finishing their yoga courses in Goa.

How to Reach

By Road: There are multiple points to enter into Pokhara, Nepal if you are coming from India. Some of the entry points are Biratnagar (Bihar), Kakkarbhitta (West Bengal), Nepalgunj, Sunauli, Mahendranagar (UP), Dhanagadi. Take a bus to reach your destination.

By Flight: Guests can reach Nepal as it is connected internationally, and the closest airport is Tribhuvan Airport. There are multiple connecting points to and from Kathmandu.

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