About Us

Akshat Yoga School is a Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat center in Goa. With a vision to change the community, our teachers have impacted the lives of students from all over the world by transforming them into empowered individuals through their own spiritual evolution.

We are a spiritually focused organization which offers unique practice in Yoga and is built upon the foundations of deep connection, and personal growth. We love what we do! Our passionately driven highly-experienced team has devoted their lives to promoting physical and mental health.

Aspiring yogis, volunteers, beginners, from all around the world are welcome to attend the transformative programs focused on human development, and spiritual upliftment. Here, you can explore the limits of your potential to revive the energy with the science and wisdom of Yoga. Akshat Yoga School will nurture the holistic nature in you, forming a magnetic aura by refining your skills in the activities of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and other yogic exercises.

In this era, when the world is so disconnected because of the evaporation of a genuine human connection, the revolt should be to connect with thyself first absence of which causes new-age problems like stress, fatigue, anxiety, and chronic illnesses. To cherish the divinity of life, one must learn the authentic teachings and the art of living like a yogi. Reboot your energy, calm your mind, and unwind from the social grievances of life as people nowadays need to be guided well. The reformation of humans begins when they look within to re-evaluate their life goals, and by reconnecting with the mind, body, and soul.

We are honored to serve the seekers of truth or the aspiring yogis to help guide them towards a balanced state of peaceful living. Experience the sattvic way of life and imbibe the values of a true yogi who emits light and warmth. Yoga at Akshat Yoga School is a rejuvenating experience which nourishes the soul of an individual and opens the passages to acceptance through the alignment of Chakras.

At a tourist place like Goa, the Akshat Yoga School has started a movement of ‘Simple Living is Better Living', which leads to mystical improvements in the self, by the self. The Yoga courses at Akshat Yoga School are your gateway towards enlightenment, self-love, and happiness. So, become a part of our global yogic family if you feel inspired to reform society for good.

Our Teachers

Akshat Yoga School has a respected staff of highly experienced Yoga gurus, who have successfully transformed the lives of the many enthusiasts turned yogis. The wisdom and deep knowledge of the teachers at Arnya will help you discover the light and positivity just by looking within. Start your peaceful journey on a spiritual path with the enlightened teachers or your guides.