Over the last few decades, yoga has taken the world by storm. For few, yoga is a practice of tough asanas, while for some others it’s just a fad and associated with new age mysticism. Yoga is an ancient science which means to unite or union. Yoga helps in connecting our minds with our bodies through different yogic practices like asanas, meditation, and pranayama and more. Yoga is not only about twisting or bending our body, but it’s a mechanism for bringing you to the state where you experience reality the way it is. Yoga allows you to experience the whole universe as a part of you. It helps your energies to become ecstatic and exuberant, and your sensory body expands. Yoga doesn’t only stimulate internal organs but also helps our emotional state, external body, chemical health, and reduces the chances of chronic diseases. Here is a little approach to aware you about the immense treasure of health – yoga:

Internal health benefits of yoga

Whether it is high blood pressure, back pain, bloating, indigestion, etc., yoga does a tremendous job internally. Here are some positive effects of yoga on the internal body:

Enhanced blood circulation: The first thing yoga does is to enhance your blood circulation. It leads to the better transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It leads to healthier organs and a glowing skin.

Lower blood pressure: Regular practice of yoga keeps the muscles flexible and enhances blood circulation which leads to free flow of blood through the arteries. This in turn results in reduction of blood pressure.

Improved gastrointestinal health: Regular practice leads to an activated digestive system. Issues like gas, indigestion, and bloating are easily alleviated with yoga. Gastrointestinal functions improve in both men and women.

External health benefits of yoga

Yoga works on our internal organs as well as the external body. Here are some of the benefits of yoga on our external body.

No premature aging: Aging is a normal process, but yoga makes sure you age gracefully. Yoga helps in eliminating toxins and free radicals, which helps in delaying aging too. Yoga relieves stress, which is a crucial factor for beating aging.

Improved Posture: Yoga teaches how to control your body and with regular practice, our body starts assuming the right stance or posture.

Increased strength: The regular practice of yoga leads to the use of your bodyweight for your strength. It is an amazing method for strength training.

Emotional health benefits of yoga

Yoga creates a strong bond between the mind and body, which leads to enhanced emotional health. Here is how:

Uplifts mood: Yoga fills you with a refreshing energy and helps in uplifting your mood.

Reduced stress: When you’re on the mat, all your attention and concentration is towards the teaching, and your mind gradually drains the troubles and stress that are plaguing it. You develop increased focus over time and get blessed with a relaxed internal state.

Fights depression: When you perform asanas, meditation and pranayama, it leads to the enhanced levels of Serotonin in the body which kills depression.  

Self-acceptance: Yoga brings you to a journey of self-awareness where you get to know your inner-self gradually. This leads to an improvement in self-esteem, and confidence.

Yoga benefits body chemistry

Yoga works on the chemistry of the body, alters the blood, hormones, glucose level, and many more. Here is how:

Aid the lymphatic system: The lymphatic system boosts immunity and helps in flushing the toxins from our body. Yoga includes a movement that strengthens the lymphatic system.

Reduced Sodium levels: Yoga is an effective work out which helps in lessening the sodium level of the body. Processed and fast food is full of sodium. Yoga helps cut the salt down and keeps you healthy.

Improved endocrine function: Regular practice of yoga enhances the endocrine system. It helps in regulating and controlling hormones, which promotes better emotional and physical health.

Better absorption of vitamins: Enhanced blood circulation means an improvement in nutrients and vitamins. Vitamins are a major part of nutrients and they contain antioxidants and many other essential components for the working of your body.

Yoga for alleviating symptoms of problems

Research has shown that the regular practice of yoga helps in reducing the symptoms of chronic diseases. A few are mentioned below:

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Yoga enhances the grip strength and helps in reducing the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Asthma: Coordinated breathing along with asana practice helps in alleviating asthma.

Arthritis: Yoga blends slow movement with gentle pressure on the joints, which works wonder on people suffering from arthritis. Yoga helps in releasing trapped stress in the muscles, which increases pressure on the joints.

Cancer: Yoga helps in raising the count of red blood cells and helps in gaining weight. People who are fighting with cancer can really benefit from regular practice of yoga. It helps in tackling stress and reduces nausea caused by chemo. The effects of cancer are reduced significantly with regular practice.

These are only a fraction of the benefits that come from yoga. Yoga transforms our life and broadens our horizons in a way you can never imagine. It is worth trying yoga once in your lifetime. Yoga is a treasure of health. Daily fifteen minutes of basic yoga practice can make a big difference. Hope you adopt this healthy practice. Happy yoga!