There are people who start practicing yoga but are not able to continue. Whereas there are people who do not know anything, start practicing it and get engrossed into it completely. The benefits of yoga are seen over time and not overnight. Yoga comes in your life as a breath of fresh air, and keeping the severe pollution of many cities in mind, you should welcome this fresh air with open arms.

Yoga is an age-old practice that goes beyond asanas, meditation and pranayama. It helps in changing you as a person on many levels which include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yoga not only remains on your physical body but it also penetrates through your soul. Following the 5,000 years, old practice is not an easy game. The masters of yoga have practiced for several years to be able to learn it in its actual form.

If you are someone who started yoga at some point in time but could not take it forward or you are someone who has not started it yet but plan to do so, then this blog is for you. It will give you some tips as to how fully immerse into yoga.

  1. Pick a good studio
    This is the first and important step towards practicing yoga. Get hold on to an experienced yoga teacher so that you can get proper motivation and guidance to include yoga in your life and after a while makes it your life. Get yourself enrolled in a yoga studio or a yoga class near your area. 
    Here’s a pro tip before enrolling in a yoga class: make sure the yoga studio/class meets the basic needs. The basic needs of a studio are the number of classes in a week, an experienced yoga teacher, timings, number of students in the class, style of yoga. As you are thinking to change your life with yoga, it is important to invest time and money in a good yoga studio as your base of yoga will be built there.
  2. Hard work and consistency 
    There will be some asanas that you will be unable to perform. It is fine not to achieve the correct pose but do not give up. Do not be too hard on yourself. Skip that specific pose and continue the other asanas. As you are a beginner, you might face difficulty in perfecting all the poses in the first attempt. If you practice it regularly, you will be able to achieve the correct pose. But remember, yoga asanas is not about perfection. Your success will increase if you are regular in your practice and follow a proper routine. 
  3. Pranayama
    We think that breathing is innate learning and everyone knows how to breathe. But the truth is that not everyone knows how to breathe correctly. As babies, we knew how to breathe correctly as we breathed through our bellies. As we grew up, we started breathing through our chest. If you do not know how to breathe correctly, pranayama will come to your rescue. It corrects improper breathing patterns and helps you to learn yogic breathing.
    Pranayama is the first stepping stone to learning yoga. It is important to include pranayama in yoga as it improves yoga practice. You will become calmer if you practice pranayama regularly. Each chakra in your body will be regulated as they will receive proper prana. Pranayama will help you in achieving all levels of yoga. 
  4. Meditation is the key
    Practice meditation regularly to be able to fully immerse in yoga. Do not underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation and breathing exercises will make you more conscious of yourself and your actions. It will help you understand yourself inside out. Meditation will help in relaxing your mind and body and energizes the parasympathetic nervous system. 
    You will learn to let go of the burden you are holding in your mind and focus on the important aspects in life. Meditation makes you more conscious, aware and mindful about your thoughts, emotions and feelings where we can control our actions.
  5. Good quality yoga mat
    Invest in good quality and an eco-friendly yoga mat. Maximum yoga mats are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), release vinyl chloride (a carcinogen), and other substances that may lead to many health problems. Earth-friendly alternatives of yoga mats can be used which are generally made up of cotton, jute, natural rubber and recycled materials. This will be a healthier option towards doing our bit to ourselves and Mother Earth.
  6. Yoga workshops and events 
    Make it a point to attend yoga workshops and events in order to learn more about yoga that might not learn in a yoga studio. Also, you will be able to meet yoga masters, professionals, trainers, and beginners from all over the world which will be helpful in building a good connection. The sky is the end of gaining knowledge about yoga. 
    You will not become a good yoga teacher only by perfecting the yoga asanas. To learn more about yoga or to become a professional, you will have to learn about the evolution, philosophy and psychology of yoga. You will be able to learn and explore the diversity of yoga.
  7. Know your body’s limits
    While practicing yoga, you will be able to learn more about your body. If you have back pain, knee problems or any other ailments, consult your yoga teacher and they will tell you not to practice some yoga asanas. If you are uncomfortable in practicing certain yoga asanas, tell it to your yoga teacher and ask him/her to modify as per your body or give your body time to perfect that pose.