If in Goa, always go to the beach! But the beach isn’t everything that Goa usually offers. Aside from being the land of constant partying and passing out, it’s also the land of the sea and many retreats that every person needs so that they can detox themselves from everyday living. So if you’re planning to book the best yoga retreat in Goa then the timing couldn’t be more perfect to tell you exactly what to look for when looking for an ideal retreat to bend and stretch. Doing yoga in Goa is the best combination which not only offers peace to the mind but also a great opportunity to learn the ancient art of yoga asana. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the gem that Goa is when looking out for a spiritual and healthy yoga place.

Here are 6 things you don’t want to miss if you are planning to find the best yoga retreat in Goa:

  • Location, Location, Location!
    Ideally, there is no bad yoga retreat, location-wise. However, as a beginner level yogi, one might find it harder to locate the best yoga place, especially in the land of yoga, i.e. India and that too, in Goa. Because there are several yoga retreats that can confuse anybody as to which place is the most ideal one. So before picking your kind of retreat, make sure to do extensive research in location because if you’re from another country, it’s preferable to know how far the yoga place is from the airport. So that safety and time isn’t an issue for you. Also, be sure to look for ideal commuting so that you can always switch to another yoga retreat if it’s not working out. We suggest that you book a mode of transport such as a bike or a scooter that’s easily available in Goa and enjoy the ride and yoga too.
  • Quick social media scanning
    Every amazing place comes with a well-maintained Instagram account. So if you have decided to book a yoga resort or retreat in Goa, it’s likely that the place has lots of amazing pictures to share on social media accounts. Just a quick scan of the yoga retreat on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can give you some kind of intuitive idea as to what all the places can offer and how comfortable you will be, depending on the crowd and vibe it has. The classic myth of “don’t judge a book by its cover” also implies while searching for places on social media. So expecting that things may differ in real life is safe. But social media value plays a big role especially in places like Goa where yoga retreats are pretty much around every corner.
  • Reach out to the teachers
    Any yoga place is perfect as long as it has amazing yoga teachers helping you learn the art of bending as you have never known it before. In Goa, where yoga teachers are found everywhere it’s beneficial to build a first-hand relationship with your yoga mentor before joining the yoga retreat. Finding their email address and sending a warm letter on how excited you are to join your class and raising a few curiosities regarding the yoga course can be highly helpful before you actually start the course. So get acquainted with your master before you master the art of yoga.
  • Start on your feet
    While the Internet is helpful in so many ways if you want to research the best yoga retreats in Goa, finding yoga retreats while exploring the city can be a fun experience too. So if you’re a traveler who plans to stay in the city for more than a month, it’s totally possible to hang out with several groups of like-minded travelers and find yourself a nice and cozy yoga retreat on your own. It’s adventurous and you should go for it as it will help you form friendships with amazing people and give you a sense of accomplishment as you explore the city of yoga on your own
  • Find where the silence is
    Goa has gotten a reputation for being the land of non-stop partying but it also contains places that are so quiet that you can hear silence too. So if doing yoga while partying is not your style, find yourself a yoga retreat that’s nestled in the lap of nature with the sound of the sea coming through the window. This way, you can easily reach the depths of yoga practice without getting distracted from last night’s party’s hangover. Or, find a place that is silent by the morning and wild by midnight so that you can have the best of both worlds.
  • Make mistakes
    It’s alright if you don’t find the best yoga retreat in the world while you’re in Goa. It’s alright if you end up in a yoga retreat that doesn’t meet your expectations. It’s also alright that you don’t fall head over heels for your first yoga retreat experience because not everything works out the first time. The thing is that you gotta experience the joy of gifting yourself a yoga retreat in Goa. And more often than not, any experience in Goa is amazing and it will leave you with memories of a good time. So go ahead and take the leap of faith and don’t be afraid to make mistakes even if it’s about not finding the best yoga retreat in Goa.