What would the world look like if it is turned upside down? This “through the looking glass” fantasy can be a lot more than a mere fantasy for you. What if I told you that while you’re looking at the world upside down, your body is rejuvenating at multiple levels? You read it right! The ecstatic world of yoga has for you a complete package of fun combined with myriad health benefits. The yogic scriptures have named it Sirsasana or the headstand pose.

The headstand pose is a significant yoga asana and has a great degree of positive impacts on the general functioning of your body. It is a great way to bring your body, mind, and soul in a state of equilibrium while simultaneously being a key solution to almost all physiological and mental ailments.

If what you just read grabbed your attention and made you curious enough to wanting to try it then here is a complete guide filled with the dos and don’ts as well as the health benefits of Sirsasana.

How to do the headstand pose

  1. Lower yourself down on your knees, place your arms on the floor and interlock your fingers in such a way that the weight of your upper body is focused on your arms.
  2. Extend your legs and lift your buttocks in the air to enter into the dolphin pose.
  3. Rest your head on the interlocked finger to give it a base. Lift your heels and rest your legs entirely on your toes.
  4. Now bend your knees and slowly lift one of your legs off the floor.
  5. Try to slowly lift your other leg by folding your knees by slightly pushing the weight of your body to your head.
  6. Stretch your legs straight, maintain the balance of your body and hold the pose for half a minute, depending upon your comfort level.
  7. To come out of the pose, slowly bend your knees and try placing your feet on the floor one by one.
  8. Roll back into the sitting position and let your body relax for a minute or two.

Health benefits of the headstand pose

Practicing this yogic exercise increases the pace of blood circulation. The increased speed allows the blood to reach all parts of the body properly, and most importantly the brain which enhances the functioning of the pituitary gland.

When you’re doing the pose, your body undergoes intense stretching and bending which in turn relieves it from any accumulated stress. This helps your body to come out of the lethargic zone and is re-energized.

Holding your body in a headstand requires your body to lay all the weight on your arms and shoulder. This prepares your muscles to utilize all their strength since the aim is to not strain the neck and the head. This helps in strengthening the upper body as well increasing the muscular strength of the shoulder and arms.

Accumulation of blood in the anal system results in diseases such as piles. The headstand pose ensure that the blood flow in the body is continuous and enhances the lymphatic system thus restricting any kind of blood accumulation in any part of the body. This helps in fighting and even curing the problem of piles.

As discussed above, the headstand pose increases the flow of blood towards the head region. This oxygenates the brain, thus giving it enough fuel to function. It energizes the brain making it fit enough to carry out all the brain activity.

The flow of blood towards the head region brings in enough blood supply to your scalp. As the scalp absorbs more blood, the keratin cells become stronger and better at work, ensuring thick, healthy and lustrous hair.

The reversed gravity effect on the digestive organs of your body allows the removal of any kind of trapped gas or toxic material. It also improves the proper absorption of nutrients with the blood flow. This way it detoxifies your body from within.

The oxygenation of your body through the increased blood flow allows you to energize your mind. This in turn helps in calming down your otherwise stressed and chaotic brain. The practice of this asana combined with a proper breathing process is a great way to reveal yourself from any kind of anxiety of stress that is bothering you.

Increased amount of oxygen and blood are directed towards the eyes with the practice of this yogic asana. This in turn enhances the sensory ability of the eyes, improves the vision and keeps eye related problems away.

The headstand pose helps in various sexual disorders such as prostrate problems, menopausal as well as menstrual problems. When the flow of the blood is directed towards the sexual endocrine glands it ensures a better hormone secretion thus fighting all the sexual disorders.

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Induces energy
  3. Tones your arms and shoulder muscles
  4. Helps with piles
  5. Increases brain activity
  6. Helps in attaining thick and lustrous hair
  7. Improves digestion
  8. Deals with anxiety and stress
  9. Improves vision
  10. Treats sexual disorders


  1. Do no practice this asana if you have any kind of neck or back problem.
  2. Make sure that you warm up before practicing this asana.
  3. Do not do this asana if you are a beginner and whenever you plan to do it, make sure you do it under an expert’s supervision.
  4. Do not hold the pose for too long or beyond your comfort level as it can be fatal.

This inverted yoga asana is super-beneficial in different ways and its daily practice can bring in a plethora of changes to your body and mind. Give it a try and you’ll experience the difference.