Yoga may sound confusing with the number of asanas, exercises, and other techniques it inherits. Trust me, it is not that complicated once you start. If you are a beginner, then even better because finally, you will be seeing the changes which you never expected before; and for the right reasons. Focusing on building your body is certainly a good thought but, the mind and soul also need equal attention. The connection between the three is what Yoga aims at. It’s a long term benefit, not a short-term satisfaction. So, thank us later but the real question is where do you start?

Let’s begin with our favorite pose - Vrikshasana or the “Tree Pose”. As the name suggests, it is a bridge between the natural universal force and your inner-power. By compiling the two, you will be extracting the benefits which follow the trails of the ancient yogic wisdom. Now what is Vrishaksana pose and how do you do it?

What is Vrikshasana Pose?

Vrishasana is a Sanskrit word where Vriksha means “tree” and asana means “pose”. The aim is to stabilize your mind, become steady, and appreciate the stillness of a tree. It is a Hatha Yoga form which is the most original form in the Yogic world. This pose is usually practiced on an empty stomach or 4-5 hours after your meal. In the beginning, you are advised to keep your eyes open just so you can balance on one foot until you master the art. If performed in the morning, you can increase your focus and concentration with a clear and fresh mind.

Steps to do it:

  • Stand straight on the ground with your spine erect.
  • Balance and pull your right leg up by placing the right foot on the inner thigh of the left leg.
  • Keep your left leg straight, and the right leg will make a triangle.
  • Take a deep breath, and take your arms up, over your head and join the palms in the Namaste form.
  • Breathe in and breathe out slowly and focus on a point in front of you and balance.
  • Hold the pose for as long as you can, and then switch the leg and do the same pattern.
  • This practice will intensify your focus and improve your concentration 10-folds.
  • Practice this pose for a minimum of 15-20 minutes, and increase the timing gradually, in your next practice.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits which this pose carries. Among the many advantages of becoming a yogi, here we are going to be discussing the top 7 health benefits of Vriskshasana Pose.

Top 7 Health Benefits of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

  1. Learn how to balance your life by mastering how to balance the body by controlling your mind. Strengthen the ligaments, tendons, hips, ankle, and feet.
  2. Perfect your posture by taking inspiration from a tree. Try to stay rooted on the ground and fix your stance by strengthening your spine.
  3. Improve your neuro-muscular coordination by aligning the body with the mind. Gain mental stability by learning physical adaptability.
  4. Light up your senses with spiritual wisdom and higher intelligence. Your eyes, ears, and other observing capabilities become stronger and more powerful with intuitive wisdom.
  5. It reduces the condition of flat-feet and also gives relief from sciatica. Along with that, the problems of stress can be relieved by de-cluttering the mind with the breathing exercises.
  6. Improve your focus and concentration by gaining expertise in this pose. It does become a Meditation technique but only while standing.
  7. Become a medium to allow the universal force to travel within you and heal you completely from inside. Make your mental, physical and spiritual self elevated with this asana.

Other than the mentioned benefits of tree pose, there are many other rewards that you can experience only by continuing this practice. Not to ignore the contradictions that exist, here are a few which you must make yourself aware of.

Contradictions and Precautions

  • People with knee and hip injuries or ligament tears must avoid doing this asana.
  • Migraine and Insomnia patients must also restrict themselves from doing this asana.
  • Individuals with High blood pressure should also avoid this pose.

Vrishasana pose allows you to connect with nature directly. Make use of the refreshing air to purify yourself deeply. Allow the natural energy to manifest within you to sprout the personal growth and overall development. Become more self-aware of your surroundings and yourself to walk a peaceful path that invites joy and contentment into your life. Uncover the wisdom of a tree to know how they survive for hundreds of years and still not get affected by the external changes. It continues to stretch towards the sky because the magic happens on the inside!