A healthy Yoga diet is what makes a man physically and mentally fit. Nowadays, post and pre-workout diets play an equally important role to contribute to fitness. This blog discusses the maintenance of your entire being through Yoga.

A yogic diet is what makes you feel nourished. It brings you more in connection with yourself by using Ayurveda principles. There is no proper definition of what is a yoga diet. It’s the clues people have picked by joining the dots using the ancient philosophies and Sanskrit scriptures which introduced Yoga. Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, and other sacred books have shared the wisdom and practice of Yoga accurately.

The easiest way to practice Ahimsa in life is to use Yoga as weaponry against the unhealthy patterns of life. To maintain physical and mental balance in life, a yogic diet is indeed necessary. A yogic diet is believed to have a positive effect on the clear functioning of the emotional and physical well-being. A yogic diet allows the filtration of negative thoughts to give a clear perspective towards the world. The diet is usually vegetarian, which nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

Let nature rest in you, and heal yourself using the natural energies of universal flow. Sattvic food leads you to have a holistic lifestyle. These healthy pranic foods cut the emotional and physical stress. Take the pledge to live a healthy and happier life with Yoga, because the wrong kinds of foods restrict the positive energy flow in your body. Activate Shaktis in you with the detoxifying yoga diet to manifest the good.

Purification of the mind, body, and soul is what leads to a healthy life. Organic vegetarian food makes that possible by cleansing the body from the toxins and making it a dome of pranic energies to flow smoothly. Ayurvedic foods are a part of the yoga diet that balances the three doshas; Vatta, Kapha, and Pitta. These doshas play an important role to adjust your behavior, moods, and also reactions. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, lentils, nuts, butter, honey, grains, etc. are all part of the yogic diet.

Every successful yogi knows that learning asanas, gaining flexibility, and calming the mind with Yoga is incomplete without following a proper diet. All yoga teacher training uses a proper yogic diet to keep their mind and body light. According to Yoga Sutras, Yamas and Niyamas should be practiced before doing any asanas. It calms the mind, refreshes the soul, and energizes the heart. It is believed that a pure mind is what makes you come closer to God. It is a road to happiness and the re-building of the self. Change your lifestyle, whether you are or also if you are not a yogi.

Benefits of a Yoga diet:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Metabolism
  • Elevated Mood
  • Beautiful Skin
  • Reduced Risk of Diseases

Ignite your metabolic fire, and make your primary source of eating - a plant-based diet. It further helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalances. A healthy yoga diet also sparks your potential and increases your will-power to eliminate the draining energies. One should refrain from chemicals as they divert the attention of a person.

There are three dimensions according to Ayurveda; Tamas, Rajas, and Sattvic. Alcohols, cigarettes, fermented food, garlic, onions, are all Tamasic foods which are not suitable for a yogic lifestyle. Rajasic foods are bitter, hot, dry, salty, and spicy. On the other hand, Sattvic foods like Milk, vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and more are considered a perfect diet. Sattvic foods will fix your internal system.

Tips to follow:

  • Fast for one day in a week to cleanse.
  • Eat 2 hours before sleeping.
  • Cut down on the addictions of tea, and coffee as it hydrates the body.
  • Exercise or do the asanas.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your daily consumption.

Witness a significant change in your body and gain a relaxed state of mind. Serve the world in an authentic way by using the herbs to blossom your physical and mental levels. Overcome your pattern of living, and become self-aware with conscious living. Apply Pranayama and Meditation in your daily routine too as it adds to your overall well-being.

Break the monotonous routine and keep the lethargic nature behind, because no success comes by following ‘the art of procrastination’. You may fail in keeping up with your resolutions from time to time, but you can still recover from its consequences. A healthy yoga diet will help you in your childhood, adulthood, and most-importantly at your old-age. So, buckle-up your belt, and say no to everything which pulls you back from your growth. Yoga brings fulfillment, nourishment, and spiritual-upliftment. Stay motivated, and eat like a yogi to keep yourself positively energized.