Privacy Policy

Akshat Yoga School respects the privacy of every individual and our website clearly mentions our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal information that we receive from the users through our marketing site.

We use your personal information only to improve the site and provide results based upon your selections. By using the site, you agree to the collection and use of information as per our Privacy Policy stated below.

Collection of Information and Log Data

  • This Privacy Policy is solely applicable to and not to any third party websites that might be connected to us. We have no authority whatsoever on these third-party websites and regarding their usage of personal information.
  • Akshat Yoga School’s main website, might be linked to other third-party website. Akshat Yoga School has no authority to control the functioning of such websites.
  • We will only ask for information that is relevant to the working of our website. The users might be asked for their name and email addresses for primary communication purposes. In case of bookings, we would require more information such as the preferred dates, selected course, and the type of accommodation.
  • The personal information collected from the client will not be shared, rented, or traded with any third-party. However we might exchange the information with some third-party, for the services they are rendering to Akshat Yoga School.
  • The basic information shared, such as name and email addresses might be used by our management to contact the clients for marketing and feedback purposes. If you wish to opt-out from any such marketing, promotional, or feedback enquires, the client can do so by sending e-mail to
  • Our website does not use cookies; however we do track and store the time of login, date, browser type, language, and the IP address to solve database related problems.
  • The information acquired through IP address, browser software and the operating system might be used to enhance the browser speed, managing traffic, solve IT related issues, database management, and growth of the website.
  • The clients can contact us on in case they wish to edit, add, or delete the information collected by the site.


  • Akshat Yoga School shall ask its clients to fill a detailed application form in case of bookings. Our management staff and other service providers can use the information acquired through the application forms to proceed with the bookings.
  • The information collected through the application form will not be disclosed to any third party without the client’s consent. However, in case of a legal process or requirement by law to protect the rights, property, and safety of Akshat Yoga School, the company shall do as instructed.
  • The client’s information shall also be used for communication, marketing, and promotional purposes in the future.
  • The client can opt-out from our contact/mailing list if they do not wish to be contacted for any purposes in future.
  • The client’spersonal information is left up to their discretion and they may edit or delete any information provided by them in the past. The clients can do so by contacting the support staff at

Client Information

  • Akshat Yoga School shall not be responsible for any faults conducted by the clients in terms of safeguarding their personal information.
  • Requests for updating, editing, or deleting client’s information shall be put to effect immediately. We would request our clients to be patient and co-operative during the process.
  • Akshat Yoga School will not be responsible in case of any online malware attack, hacking event, or unauthorized access to our database leading to loss, misuse, or theft of personal information. If the client notices such inappropriate activity, it should be brought to notice of the management staff immediately.
  • In case of any merger, acquisition, consolidation, sale, or dissolution of personal assets of Akshat Yoga School, the client’s information would also be shared or given away; client’s personal information is considered an asset to the company. We assume your consent in the same while you render the services provided by Akshat Yoga School.
  • The Privacy Policy is an intellectual property of Akshat Yoga School and therefore the company has the right to amend, delete, or add new clauses to its policy. The clients who are planning to stay with the company for a course are requested to check the Privacy Policy frequently for minor changes. In case of major changes in the Privacy Policy, Akshat Yoga School would notify the clients about the same.