Yoga Retreats in Goa

Yoga Retreats Overview

  • Location : Arambol, North Goa, India 
  • Start From : 05-Oct-2020 To 11-Oct-2020
  • Price: Shared Room 365 USD, Private Room 430 USD

Yoga Retreat in Goa 

Let your consciousness escape into the cosmos of Yoga for reformative spiritualism. Know how to grab the skills to build a more rational mind with the help of a Yoga Retreat. Manifest the art of living during Yoga Retreat in the most demanded tourist destination in India, Goa. A yoga retreat is an exceptional balance of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda to give the maximum level of satisfaction to the customers, at an exotic location like Goa.

Transform your life with the unique techniques on this Yoga Holiday in Goa. Experience the authentic form of Yoga and the beach life in the welcoming arms of Goa in India. This year engineer your inner-self, listen to your intuition and raise your energy levels out in the open at the magnificently carved destination of Goa.

Explore the subtle realms of consciousness by cultivating the energy within and then allowing it to flow relentlessly. Goa is in the western part of India, near the coastline of the Arabian Sea, the state is dominated with the traditional Portuguese culture, which makes it even more attractive for the backpackers to enjoy both the excursion activities and yogic activities.

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    Highlights of our Retreat

    Hatha Yoga in the morning opens up the knots in the body, making it more malleable for the test of the day. This is a classical Yoga form which forms the base for the students to kickstart the day smoothly.

    Yoga Philosophy is an essential part of the yoga retreats in Goa which emphasizes on the theoretical understanding of Yoga, extracted from the Vedic scriptures, Yamas and Niyamas, Upanishads from the Hindu mythology. Other than that, the philosophy of Yoga is taught from the holy books of Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

    Yoga Anatomy is introduced to the people who come in to unwind from the social pressures of life. Learn how to correct your posture, keep your body aligned and away from the diseases or illnesses caused due to the negative impacts on the body organs.

    Meditation is a prioritized activity when it comes to calming the mind, and settle with peace in your life. Yoga Retreat offers amazing tips and tricks for people to manifest focus and concentration in a variety of situations.

    Pranayama sessions or deep-breathing exercises to nurture the brain towards spiritualism and activism. Empty your mind from stress, anxiety, and pain to refill it with a rebooted and desired version of yourself.


The curriculum of Akshat Yoga School’s Yoga Retreat in Goa is rejuvenating and relaxing for your mind and body. Start your day at 6:00 am, and then enjoy the Morning and Evening Yoga sessions, Ayurvedic massages, Pranayama activities, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy, Chakra Alignment, and more activities to attract peace into your life.

The schedule of this Yoga Holiday in Goa is designed keeping in mind the physical and mental health needs of humans.

Daily Schedule

Schedule 6:00 AM To 01:00 PM

6:00 am

Wake Up

6:30 am

Morning Yoga session

7:30 am

Classical Hatha Yoga / Yoga Detoxification / Kundalini Class

08:30 am

Ayurvedic Massage / Introduction of Ayurveda

9:00 am


Schedule 1:00 PM To 10:00 PM

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Take Rest

3:00 pm

Meditation / Yoga Philosophy / Yoga Anatomy

4:30 pm

Evening Yoga session / Kundalini Class

8:00 pm


08:30 - 10:00 pm

Self Study

10:00 PM

Lights Off



Well-furnished, spacious rooms are available at Akshat Yoga School with the options of shared and private room facility (prices differ). Amid the spectacular coconut grooves, this accommodation at Goa is a desired spot for all the tourists, yogis, travelers across the city keeping in mind the surroundings, nearby beaches, the calm atmosphere, and much more. Rooms for the guests will maintain the services of customer care, emergency, covered safety, cleanliness, hot and cold water supply, and a customized experience overall, to make your stay fun and relaxing.



Vegetarian and sattvic food is served thrice a day during our Yoga Retreats in Goa, India so that students can detoxify thoroughly and let go of the buried toxins from their body. The diet plan also includes herbal drinks, fruits, and vegetables with traditional organic delicacies. Under this program, align yourself with nature and its composition.

Yoga Teachers

Akshat Yoga School has highly experienced Yoga gurus and teachers who use all their learned skills, wisdom and loyalty to transform the lives of other yogis. Allow your gurus to show you a path towards the light, and a higher state of wellbeing. The personal connection with the teachers of Akshat has helped the students even after finishing their yoga courses in Goa.

What’s Included


    • Feel more content, full of gratitude, and positivity.
    • Gain a lot of relief, clarity of thought, feel light-headed and rejuvenated and heal yourself during the retreat program by filling the broken gaps within.
    • Balance your health from all the angles of life, mentally, physically, and spiritually to say hello to a new chapter of your life.
    • Inculcate positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive feelings and energy.
    • Enhance your yoga practice and incorporate a healthy routine in your daily life.

How to Reach

By Rail :

You can reach Margao, a railway station located in Goa, or you can try for other railway stations like Vasco-da-Gama and Madgaon.

By Bus :

The nearest and most-visited bus stand is in Panaji at the busy Kadamba bus stand.

By Flight :

Dabolim is the International airport in Goa which is about 29 km away from Panaji.

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